About Curacoat

Curacoat’s objective is to market a high-quality coating product to protect the facades on Curaçao. Given the climate in Curaçao and the influences of the sea, it is essential to protect your facade as well as possible. Curacoat therefore offers various products that offer a solution for your facade of your house and commercial space,both indoors and outdoors.

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Importer Recoat products Curaçao.

Permanent coating.

Repairing weathered and dirty surfaces? The coatings from Recoat repair and protect your surface permanently. The surface becomes dirt and water resistant. This keeps the surface permanently protected against, for example, discoloration, graffiti and weathering. This results in much lower maintenance costs! In addition, they are highly resistant to UV radiation, salt and extend the life of the paint system.

Innovative coating.

Recoat’s coatings are water-based, contain virtually no solvent, are economical in use and durable. In addition, they are easy to process and can be used on almost any surface. And all without the need to sand. We are constantly developing new coatings and improving our current coatings so that we can always help you permanently protect your surfaces.

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