Recoat Cleaner

Product information

  • For cleaning and degreasing substrates (prior to applying coating)
  • Does not leave any residue
  • Specially developed as final pre-treatment for Recoat varnishes
  • Suitable for all types of substrates and old paint layers


1 Liter SKU: 31920-20

5 Liter SKU: 31920-22

Recoat Cleaner


Applying the Recoat coatings is very easy. For the application of these coatings it is not necessary to sand a surface. However, it is necessary to clean a surface well. The Recoat Cleaner has been developed for this purpose. This cleaner ensures that the coating can adhere optimally to the surface.

The Recoat Cleaner ensures that the surface is cleaned and degreased. This primer has been specially developed as a pretreatment for the application of one of the Recoat coatings. Whether you want the surface treated with the Recoat Concrete or the Recoat Floor, the Recoat Cleaner is a good pre-treatment. It can be applied to all kinds of surfaces. Also substrates that have already been coated or painted can be cleaned with it.

This cleaner does not leave a residue.

The cleaner is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This product contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne. The same goes for all our coatings. As a result, the entire process for maintaining surfaces with Recoat products is good for the environment.

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