Recoat Wall Sealer

Product information

Volume 10 liter
VOC Content 25 g/L
Base Clear waterborne coating on acrylate basis
Approximate specific density 1,25 Kg/L
Volume fixed percentage 67%
Application temperature 10 – 30 °C
Relative humidity A maximum of 80%
Output 15 m2 – 20 m2 / liter
Colour Colourless
Gloss Mat
Application Wear gloves and ensure sufficient ventilation


10 Liter SKU: 78251-25

Recoat Wall Sealer


The Recoat Wall sealer is a clear coating that has been specially developed for indoor use. A 1 component coating that ensures that walls are not affected indoors. It prevents frequent contamination of walls and ceilings. After treatment with the Wall sealer, substrates are permanently protected. This makes the maintenance of these walls considerably easier. This saves you a lot of maintenance costs.

The Wall sealer can only be used indoors on walls and ceilings. It can be processed directly from the bucket. The coating is extremely suitable for applying over a wall paint. This minimizes the risk of contamination and optimizes the cleaning of the subsoil.

The walls and ceilings do not need to be sanded before applying this coating. As a result, no harmful substances are released that normally are released when a wall or ceiling needs to be sanded. Only cleaning the surface with our Recoat cleaner is sufficient. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative compared to other coatings. It is also a sustainable and environmentally friendly product since the Wall sealer contains extremely few solvents and is water-borne.

Recoat Wall Sealer is extremely suitable for the easy cleaning of walls in, among other things, the medical sector, education, food industry, actually everywhere where rapid pollution occurs. In addition, this coating is odor poor so that so that nobody suffers from the smell of the coating.

  • Premium grade clear 1k water-based matte coating for indoors
  • Extremely good adhesion on virtually all substrates
  • Simply clean the substrate
  • Very high yield
  • Even better cleanable than schrubbing class 1
  • Extremely matte so that retouching is hardly visible

An economically attractive alternative for the maintenance of surfaces.

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